Jerry Aranas


Jerry Aranas joined the WDB in July 2022 and serves on the Youth Development Committee.

Q: What is your profession, and how does it intersect with workforce development? 

I am a Supply Chain Business Manager for Lam Research, which employs many Bay Area residents. We have also sponsored workshops in the past with the WDBCCC.

Q: Why do you choose to serve on the WDBCCC? 

I chose to serve on the WDBCCC to better serve my community. I have also served in the California Army National Guard for 12 years as a Senior NCO of Logistics.

Q: What aspects of your board service are you most passionate about?

I am very passionate about working with youth and creating opportunities through education and skills development.

Q: How is the WDB working to achieve equity in workforce development? 

I appreciate the development of innovative training programs sponsored by Fortune 500 companies that provide them with a well-trained and talented workforce for present and future business needs. 

Jerry Aranas