Contra Costa County’s Workforce Development Board (WDB) supports a robust network that creates and promotes dynamic education systems, high-performing businesses, and a prosperous local economy with an abundance of high-quality jobs and skilled workers to fill them.

The 25-member Board brings together leaders from business, economic development, education, labor, community-based organizations, and public agencies to align a variety of resources and organizations to enhance the competitiveness of the local workforce and support economic vitality in our region.

Appointed by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, members of the WDB are charged with shaping and strengthening local and regional workforce development efforts. While the membership of the WDB is both diverse and robust, there is also a clear understanding that the WDB’s vision will only be realized through a highly networked effort. The WDB must effectively link, align, and leverage a broad range of financial, human capital, and other resources and assets that are contributed or supported by a multiplicity of stakeholders.

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