WDBCCC Local Plan

One of our primary funding sources, the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), requires that employment and training services provided by core programs are coordinated and complementary to ensure the most efficient use of resources.

That means workforce agencies and organizations must work together to align their resources to better serve jobseekers and employers in their area. That requires significant collaboration, and the creation of a four-year plan that serves as a blueprint for their work.

The WDBCCC and its partners in spring 2021 completed their comprehensive 2021-2024 local plan, which is required of workforce development boards that receive WIOA funding, under Section 108 of WIOA and 20 CFR 679.500-560. The local plan, which is reviewed and modified every two years, details how the WDBCCC teams up with (or plans to in the future) workforce development partners to develop, align, and integrate strategies for delivering services to jobseekers and employers.

Together, we work with our partners to develop innovative solutions that meet the workforce needs of area employers.

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