RFI 717 Questions & Answers

RFI #717 Questions and Answers

September 8, 2020

Q:  May individuals served under this contract be co-enrolled under WIOA?
A:  Yes, as long as they meet COVID-19 impacted eligibility as set forth in the RFI (first paragraph).

Q: Are there any required/recommended templates for the narrative or budget?
A: There is no recommended template  for narrative or budget.

Q: Is there a recommended page limit for the narrative?
A: There is no page limit for the narrative .

Q: Is the submission required to be a hardcopy delivered to the Employment and Human Services Department? Or is an email submission acceptable?
A: Either is acceptable.

Q: Do you want resumes of training staff and case managers, or should we only include resumes of leadership team members engaged with this project?
A: Please include the resumes of as many key staff as will be involved in the project, if known.

Q: Can you confirm that a paid internship that is part of a cohort-based training qualifies as OJT?
A: The grant is inclusive of all forms of work-based learning.

Q: What is the difference between “Measures and Results” and “Performance: Past and Anticipated” in the evaluation factors?
A: “Measures and Results” is confined to WIOA-mandated items. “Performance: Past and Anticipated” refers to anything else, e.g., impact on community.

Q: Given the funding is coming from the NDWG, are the training dollars in addition to what is available via WIOA ITAs?
A: Yes.

Q. Would you prefer to see the full costs of the programs, and then the portion that our requested funding would cover, or only how requested funds will be spent?
A: Only how requested funds will be spent. You may show leverage/match, if you want to show your investment in the program, but leverage does not show up in the rating, so not required.

Q. The RFI posting notes that $400,000 is available but says individual contract cannot exceed $200,000. What does an individual contact mean? Sole proprietor versus a group of organizations/collaboration? If a non-profit partners with a for-profit WIOA certified organization does that qualify as an individual or a collaboration and does that have any implication to the budget that can requested?
“Individual” does not apply to the structure of the applicant organizations. It means each contract will be limited to $200,000. Sole proprietorships, organizations and collaborations may all apply; however, each contract awarded, would not exceed $200,000.

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