RFI #717 Questions and Answers

September 8, 2020

Q:  May individuals served under this contract be co-enrolled under WIOA?
A:  Yes, as long as they meet COVID-19 impacted eligibility as set forth in the RFI (first paragraph).

Q: Are there any required/recommended templates for the narrative or budget?
A: There is no recommended template  for narrative or budget.

Q: Is there a recommended page limit for the narrative?
A: There is no page limit for the narrative .

Q: Is the submission required to be a hardcopy delivered to the Employment and Human Services Department? Or is an email submission acceptable?
A: Either is acceptable.

Q: Do you want resumes of training staff and case managers, or should we only include resumes of leadership team members engaged with this project?
A: Please include the resumes of as many key staff as will be involved in the project, if known.

Q: Can you confirm that a paid internship that is part of a cohort-based training qualifies as OJT?
A: The grant is inclusive of all forms of work-based learning.

Q: What is the difference between “Measures and Results” and “Performance: Past and Anticipated” in the evaluation factors?
A: “Measures and Results” is confined to WIOA-mandated items. “Performance: Past and Anticipated” refers to anything else, e.g., impact on community.

Q: Given the funding is coming from the NDWG, are the training dollars in addition to what is available via WIOA ITAs?
A: Yes.

Q. Would you prefer to see the full costs of the programs, and then the portion that our requested funding would cover, or only how requested funds will be spent?
A: Only how requested funds will be spent. You may show leverage/match, if you want to show your investment in the program, but leverage does not show up in the rating, so not required.

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