Laura Treviño-Fernandez

Q&A WITH BOARD MEMBER Laura Treviño-Fernandez

Laura Treviño-Fernandez joined the WDB in July 2020.

Q: What is your profession, and how does it intersect with workforce development?

A: Recruiter/Site Manager – as a recruiter I have direct interactions with hiring managers and job seekers. This allows me to have first-hand knowledge of how the employment market is going, along with challenges on both sides.

Q: Why do you choose to serve on the WDBCCC?

A: I am proud to be a representative of my community. I’m driven to bring my 20 years of recruiting experience to help make positive changes and insights to the region.

Q: What aspects of your board service are you most passionate about?

A: I’m still growing within my role and look forward to further becoming a productive member of the group.

Q: How is the WDB working to achieve equity in workforce development?

A: The WDB takes an aggressive approach to identify gaps in processes and takes real action to get things accomplished. By collaborating with various professionals within the organization, they make every effort to come up with the right decision for everyone impacted. The WDB a diverse group of like-minded individuals who have the best interest of the individuals and businesses in our community. They tackle uncomfortable scenarios with professionalism, honesty, and passion.

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