Corry Kennedy


Corry Kennedy joined the WDB in July 2020.

Q: What is your profession, and how does it intersect with workforce development? 

A: I am a senior HR manager working within Contra Costa County. As a human resource professional for 20+ years, I have grown my experience with managing workplace trends and issues, including recruitment, employee development and the workplace experience.

Q: Why do you choose to serve on the WDBCCC?

A: I would like to contribute within the community, to grow my knowledge of local challenges, and serve to assist the WDB in progressing the programs and services available to support these.

Q: What aspects of your board service are you most passionate about?

A: As a fairly new member, and resident in the county, I am focused on learning more about programs and services, understanding how they support and serve the community and looking for areas where I can contribute any insights for improvements.

Q: How is the WDB working to achieve equity in workforce development?

A: Diversity, inclusion and equity is something many employers are focusing on in our county. The WDB takes an action-oriented approach to provide community services. This is needed more than ever given the challenges employees and employers face these days. The WDB is collaborative and connected to a diverse group of organizations that are committed to continually improve options, remove barriers, and enhance services that can help with equity in the community.

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