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Q&A WITH BOARD MEMBER Business Highlight – Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions

Tiffany Stuart is founder and president of Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions in Danville. In this Business Highlight, she describes what it takes to start a business and thrive as an entrepreneur.

Q: What goods or services does your business sell?

A: Dynamic Office & Accounting Solutions (Dynamic) is a full-service staffing solutions firm committed to changing lives one placement at a time. We identify talented people with various skills and experiences and match them with companies that need help with staff shortages, large projects, vacancies, short- and long-term leaves and more. We specialize in executive/direct hire search, temporary contracts, tempto-hire and other customized services.

We are blessed to celebrate successes on two fronts. For jobseekers, it’s exciting when we find rewarding jobs for them and learn that they ascended to leadership within a company! And for employers who are short-staffed and need help, we cheer with them when we can decrease their time to hire by delivering the right people with just the right experience, personality and skills that help them grow their businesses.

Q: How long has your business been open, and what prompted you to open it?

A: Dynamic has been in business since 1997, so just shy of 25 years, I am proud to say! I opened my business in some ways by accident. I was already working in the industry but did not originally set out to start my own firm. I felt that my prior employer didn’t truly care about people, and that didn’t work for me. So, I decided to start a business that really is all about people, celebrating unique skills, personalities, offering kindness, leadership, open communication and integrity.

When I told my employers I was leaving to start my own business, they smirked, kind of patted me on the head (figuratively, of course) and said, “Oh really! And just where is your office?” In the moment, I thought to myself, wow, that’s a great question. I looked at them in the eye and said, “I guess I’m driving it!” So that was that, and my office started in my car. I was blessed that my customers followed me, along with several employees. I’m not even sure if I had time to think about being afraid; I just went all in and determined that failure was not an option.

I built Dynamic (along with some great teammates) around the principle that going above and beyond expectations was imperative — with kindness at every turn.

Q: What are the biggest challenges your business is facing right now and how are you working to overcome them?

A: I have been in the staffing industry for almost three decades and have experienced a wide range of upturns and downturns. Recently my colleagues and I have noticed an interesting and unusual downturn in common courtesy, flexibility and a drive to really do what it takes to succeed. We see situations in which candidates don’t show up for interviews and don’t call to explain why, and even hostility in someone’s voice when we call to set up an interview. We wish we could understand the source of these tendencies, but as of yet, we can’t pinpoint it. Nevertheless, we persevere and uphold our principles of integrity and kindness as we match employees and employers for dynamic growth.

Q: How has your business engaged with the Workforce Development Board of Contra Costa County, and how has that engagement helped?

A: We started working with WDBCCC years ago in job fairs and alerting the organization to our open positions. The WDBCCC team also allowed us to set up shop for onsite interviews and collaborated with us about how to identify other people looking for positions.

Q: What words of encouragement do you offer for current business owners or people who want to start a business?

A: Never let anyone convince you that your past, education (or lack thereof), race, gender or where you came from determine your success. What determines your success, is YOU – your effort, drive, determination, strength, attitude, fear (fear can be fuel), hustle, desire to learn, open mind, sacrifice, and the people you surround yourself with. But above all, be kind.

There will be times that you are working hard for little money. You will need to be OK with that. There will be times that you do not please everyone, and people may talk badly about you. You need to be OK with that. You will fall, and you will get back up. You will get taken advantage of, and you will be fiercely protected by the right people who really care about you. Keep your head up, and focus on what you want and why you want it. Finally, DO NOT step on anyone getting there – instead, help others grow!

I want anyone reading this to know that owning a business takes grit, tenacity, a tremendous amount of resilience and time. Success does not happen overnight, but I am proud I took this path!

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