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Policy, Program & Performance (P3) Committee

The primary objective of the P3 Committee is to increase the number of Contra Costa residents who obtain marketable and industry-recognized credentials or degrees, with a special emphasis on those who are unemployed, low skilled, low-income, veterans, individuals with disabilities, and other in-need populations. Additionally, the committee also establishes and reviews  salient indicators and outcomes that measure the impact of the WDB’s programs and services in order to continually improve and evolve in alignment with changing demands and conditions in the regional economy and labor market.

For more information about the P3 Committee, read the full charter here.


  • Create a high level of accountability for results and strengthen program performance and reporting
  • Collaborate with education, employer, local government, and other partners to develop and/or enhance career pathway training programs in priority sectors
  • Increase the number of under-prepared job seekers and displaced workers who enter and successfully complete  education/training in demand industries
  • Develop and implement a strategic layoff aversion strategy to retain workers in current jobs and provide rapid transition to new employment
  • Collaborate with business and labor to determine needs for apprenticeships, OJT, and other customized training and plan accordingly.
The P3 Committee generally meets on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm at 300 Ellinwood Way in Pleasant Hill.

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