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Local Plan Final Draft

For the CCCWDB and Contra Costa County Local Area (2017-2020) FEBRUARY 1, 2017

The WDBCCC acknowledges the contributions of the various groups that participated in the development of this plan either through feedback in focus group sessions, one on one interviews, document sharing or via the online employer outreach survey. 

Specific groups involved the Contra Costa Adult Education Planning Consortium, whose Steering Committee convened for a focus group session. This session, which allowed the WDBCCC to develop strategies for aligning workforce and education activities, involved leaders representing local school districts, the Contra Costa Community College District and its constituent colleges, and the Contra Costa County Office of Education. The WDBCCC also convened a separate focus group targeting community based organizations and AJCC customers. For this session, the WDBCCC invited participation from members of the Workforce Innovation Networks, community partners working in conjunction with the workforce system to deliver services in East, Central, and West Contra Costa County. Participants, including representatives of community-based organizations, local employers, economic development agencies, education and training providers, among others, provided information on the services they provide, their strategies for working with specific populations, and how further coordination with the WDBCCC can be achieved. AJCC customers were invited to participate via notices posted in each of the centers. Local employers contributed through an online survey, which the WDBCCC sent electronically to businesses across Contra Costa County. Respondents, which included representatives from several in-demand industries, provided feedback on their interactions with the WDBCCC, as well as their current and projected challenges with respect to hiring. Finally, the WDBCCC Board members contributed their vision and oversight in a full-day planning retreat, affirming the goals and strategies articulated in this plan.

In compliance with WIOA 108(d), the WDBCCC will continue to solicit feedback from stakeholders and the community via a 30-day public comment period. Beginning on February 2, 2017 and continuing until March 4, 2017, the WDBCCC 2017-2020 WIOA Local Plan will be accessible to the public, along with instructions for submitting written comments, on the WDBCCC’s website. Notice of the posting will be published online and sent via email to all relevant stakeholders and partners, including education and training providers, economic development agencies and organizations, community-based organizations (including those serving limited English proficient and other high-need populations), industry representatives and employers, and the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. Additional notice will be sent to local news media.

During the 30-day public comment period, the WDBCCC will participate in a joint forum with the Richmond Workforce Development Board to collect additional feedback from the public. The forum will take place at the Richmond Community Center on February 16, 2017 from 3:00-5:00 PM.

Following the 30-day public comment period, all feedback received will be summarized and attached to the plan when it is submitted to the State.

The 30 day public Comment period runs from 2/2/2017 thru 3/4/2017.  Comments can be submitted using the form below

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You can also mail in your comments to:
Workforce Development Board of Contra Costa County
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